Shopping mall of the



The Reloved Revolution

Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a whole shopping mall with all your favourite op-shops,  upcycled boutiques and beautifully crafted wares from used items and materials in the one place?

The Reloved Revolution Mall is a concept demonstrating what that might look like.

*Reloved = recycled, repurposed, upcycle, reused, reclaimed, salvaged, recovered


From dropping non-recyclables to resource sorting & management, reused shopping & DIY workshops. 

This is what future and harmonious environmental living looks like.

One Stop Recycling Spot


Looking for your planet happy items wont mean travelling all over the Capital because everything at The Reloved Revolution mall has come from used sources.

Nothing New Shopping


Make It Happen

Do you think this is something the Capital needs? How could this concept become a reality? Share your thoughts in Feedback.