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S.C.E.N.E (Skills, Community, Education, Networks and Environment) is the world's only interior décor & design charity.

SCENE has developed a number of programs to address improvement needs across the community.

From DIY'ers to social housing and residential care facilities. Plus skills-to-employment and décor & design services and products.

In coming years SCENE would like to roll-out a comprehensive pilot program that encompasses the whole of the Australian Capital Territory.

Canberra is the perfect community to trial SCENE's community improvement and enrichment vision.

With a successful pilot and with wrinkles ironed out, the SCENE program will be ready to be taken up by any community in need.

By the time the SCENE system of community enrichment and improvement is available to other communities it will deliver; resources such as where to source affordable or free materials & items; have a gamut of workshops & tutorials; outline skills to employment programs and have a simple; easy to use app to help individuals & groups achieve their projects and program goals.

Scene is the parent organisation to RePsyched! décor & design workshops and Junk Funk circular economy social enterprise.   www.scene.org.au