Beautiful Spaces Better Living

The condition of living and working/volunteering spaces directly influences motivation, mood and mental processes.

It can stunt potential when poor conditions are intruding on our periphery. Our minds and emotions work best when in spaces that are complete.

For individual living spaces that may mean colours and textures that bring personal comfort and  security.

In service spaces it might mean motivational design for staff/volunteers and welcoming elements for clients.


Social Impact

SCENE develops quick, simple affordable (or free) techniques for improvements so that anyone or group can improve their spaces.

It's a belief that improved spaces will create positive mental and emotional changes to those living or working or visiting in the spaces.

It's hoped all these positive changes will have a ripple effect lifting the broader community.



A happy side effect of the simple, quick décor and design techniques is they suit every age, ability and budget. They are also creative and fun!

There is something for everyone to enjoy and are a valuable resource for schools, care facilities, social groups, parents, health workers, DIYers, etc



It started as a matter of necessity using junk and scraps to create décor. But then it demonstrated that free creation resources are litterally laying around everywhere.

With just a few special exceptions, community make-overs use 90%-95% reused materials, items and furniture.

Imagine if we designed, decorated and improved so many spaces that we ran out of junk and landfills were seldom used for waste.