Zero Dollar Make-Over

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A room was available in a housing estate for a homeless gentleman. His possessions consisted of a garbage bag of clothes. 

He was arriving first thing the next morning. With no planning, no budget and less than 5 hours left in the day, this 3.7 by 3.7 meter (12x12 feet) concrete and brick room was transformed into a home.


Many people living in social housing estates have a single room. Sharing toilet & bathroom, socialising and food preparation spaces. Just using their room for a bed.

But respect of shared spaces and personal items is sometimes lacking so Scene strives to make a living experience, even in rooms smaller than 4 meters. More details in  story...

Cooking and Food Preparation
It's vital for disadvantaged persons to eat well for positive mental health.
The table can be used for mixing chopping, etc and is close to the sink. The microwave could be set aside
for a hot plate. There's room under sink for utensils & pans and under fridge for fruit & veg and non perishables.
Dining and Entertaining
This window catches the morning sun, perfect for that first cup of tea.
Being able to eat comfortably affects appetite and diet, Sharing a meal is essential for stimulation and mental
health. Having a table for study, projects and computer usage helps with concentration and motivation.
Evening and Bed Rest
The dining chair can be turned ninety degrees at night to become a bedside table for a bit of supper and reading before sleep.
Touches of décor creates warmth.
Having friends and family over can be awkward in small, single space living. The sofa and coffee table greet visitors as they enter the room providing a comfortable, welcoming environment. Chairs can be moved
over from the table for extra visitors.  Also the bed could be used. 8 people can  sit  in this space without feeling crowded.
Considerate Placement
The television is easily viewed when sitting up in bed and from the table. Sometimes after trauma much time can be spent in bed and comfort is a priority. Not only that, the bed is placed furthest from the door
but facing the door. This is the premium position to feel safe and private. A few plastic plants add life and are low maintenance..
Homeless to Homely - Zero Dollar Make-Over
Scene was running projects and programs at Ainslie Village, the Capitals largest and oldest social housing estate. The staff approached the designer mid morning and said a room had been found for a homeless man due to arrive first thing the next day.
The Scene volunteer dashed around the Village and found old paint & brushes in a work shed. The abandoned  goods storage had items in decent condition. An unused staff office had some art. 
In under 5 hours the space was transformed in to 4 rooms; kitchen, dining, living and bedroom. With a large central area of open floor space.
The gentleman's child had died, the marriage didn't survive this. He was unable to hold down his job due to grief then lost his home. 
Son, marriage, job ; it's said we're all just 3 traumas away from homelessness.