PlastiScene by Scene

Junk Funk's parent organisation Scene has the largest plastic granulator in the Capital with the capacity to process 2 tonnes of plastic per week. Scene has 4 upcoming programs transforming plastic like you've never seen before. And anyone can do it.

R.E.D.U.C.E (Re-use ·​ Environment ·​ Design: UpCycling Education) is the school program and D.P.T.F (Domestic Plastic Task Force) is the community program.

Pretty Poly and Inside Out Plastic are décor & design projects.


Pretty Poly 

Pretty Poly aims to create artisan homewares and share design techniques & tips.


Using recyclable plastic safe to use at home and in schools.


Building towards a circular economy social enterprise with profits going towards community projects.


Inside Out Plastic

I.O.P is proposed to be a much bigger more extensive design project with huge community benefits. Keep an eye out in future issues with images and updates.