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S.C.E.N.E (Skills, Community, Education, Networks and Environment) is the world's only interior décor & design charity. Dedicated to; improving the working/volunteering spaces of small community organisations - living spaces of disadvantaged & vulnerable people - affordable services for small business owners - and beautiful products.

On the surface it may seem like a huge, expensive and lengthy endeavour but Scene has uniquely found solutions for these issues by using other social issues as answers. Issues such as long-term unemployment, exclusion & isolation and  growing landfill.

Improvement projects provide the perfect environment for hands-on, flexible skills-to-employment programs. Innovative, accessible, affordable and supported DIY workshops to suit all ages & abilities. Plus 95% used furniture, items and materials; helping the environment and reducing cost of projects almost nothing (and in some cases $0.00).

Two major goals over the coming years is to;

1a) Develop an app so users simply & easily input their space improvement needs and receive a step-by-step guide on how to undertake a project. Including where to source free items & materials, what help is on hand and a DIY resource library.

1b) The same app will line up projects with people. From those wanting to learn skills for personal or employment purposes, individuals wanting to share knowledge & experience, streamlining unwanted items with needs of projects, and engaging activities for diverse groups in the community.

2) Undertake evidential research and collect data demonstrating improved spaces has real positive outcomes on emotional, mental & physical health.

Scene is the parent organisation to RePsyched! décor & design workshops and Junk Funk circular economy social enterprise.