Shaping the


PlastiScene by Scene

Junk Funk's parent organisation SCENE is piloting a world first re-used plastic lid design program.

Putting the power of plastic waste pollution into the hands of every day people through creation, design and beauty.


Did You Know?


In studies of the Earth's oceans, plastic bottle lids were found to be in the top 5 items littering the seas and beaches.

When you recycle plastic bottles the lids go to landfill (or worse end up in the environment).


Plastic lids are safe to melt, can be used over & over, and come in more than 50 colours.


It just takes a few everyday items to create with plastic safely. Like a sandwich press and a pancake flipper. Important: Don't eat plastic !!!

PHASE 1: World Record

The Australian Capital city community will be encouraged to use lids and lid granules to create flowers for their annual flower show Floriade.

For extra incentive to have a go at creating with used PE plastic, the event has been registered with the Guinness Book of World Records.

The event is called Plasticus Botanica.


PHASE 2: Plastic Static

'Plastic Static' is a share platform to;

share & build on ideas

promote events and challenges

get tips & tricks

have meet-ups & form clubs

webinars & videos

creation galleries

facts & data



The roll-out a formally developed used PE plastic program for design, technology, creation and art.'

Suiting schools, home recreation, community groups, etc.

Including Domestic Plastic Task Force. Rangers who actively assist schools and the community. To help to keep things on track & up to date. 


PHASE 4: Pretty Poly

'Pretty Poly will be a specialised arm of Junk Funk décor, delivering beautiful and unique items.

Profits from Pretty Poly will fund further plastic programs and community improvement projects.


PHASE 5: Inside Out Plastic

The IOP concept is includes large amounts of used PE made into everything from school desk tops to playground equipment. Retaining walls, bus shelters, etc.

This large machine can ... wash, dry, sort into plastic type, then colours, lastly granulating plastic for school & community programs and other public benefits.