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STEPS is residential care for youth at risk. Helping 12 to 16 year olds see a brighter future.

Like many small services and organisations, the funding pool is shallow. Aesthetics is low on the list of priorities.

SCENE interior design charity was formed to assist the community because welcoming, comforting beautiful spaces are integral for wellbeing and a positive  outlook.



Dated built-in cabinetry was painted a warm wooley grey. Walls were painted the same colour to create unity and make the room more open.


Apple Green on the feature wall is fresh and calming. A daybed frame makes the room somewhere to relax not just sleep.


Simple junk décor creates motion and energy.


'Love Me or Leaf Me' is a simple, quick, inexpensive RePsyched! workshop. White paper glued (PVA) to table-top. Randomly torn leaf shapes from old magazines, glued and traced with hi-light markers. Black and white marker line work. A few layers of lacquer. Cost under $2.


This side table had a busted bottom draw which was discarded leaving a cavity but still usable. A touch of colour from old record covers. This is from the 'Mission Untossable' workshop.


Artwork is simply images from the 'net and printed on A3 card - $1.38 each at Office Works.


SCENE programs are inspired by the needs in the community. Personal rooms in long-term residential therapy play a part in the individuals mental state during treatment.

Like STEPS, many services have to prioritise funding for care and staff. Aesthetics are low on the list of priorities.

C.A.R.E (Custom Aesthetics for Residents Endeavor) recognises people heal and relax better in designed spaces. Also that there's no time or money for this.

CARE makes personalising residential rooms quick, easy and inexpensive.

A wall is allocated as the feature wall and painted to suit each resident's colour preference. A warm neutral colour on other walls and surfaces. Décor is on hand or available through community partners to decorate. When residents complete treatment they can to take the décor home and the next resident is empowered to create their space.


SCENE also did design work for the living and dining/activity areas. SCENE make overs are quick and inexpensive due to using what's already in space and working with it.

Thank you to The Snow Foundation and Bunnings for contributing to this area