Aboriginal Care Services

The Thought That Counts


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SCENE interior design charity (parent company of Junk Funk) applies consideration and formal design process for each project.

The following are 3D models and created after consulting Yeddung Mura staff regarding their needs and wants for the Care House.



Yeddung Mura were gifted a house built in the 80's consisting of 14 spaces needing improvements.


They offer a number of services to Indigenous Australian clients and their families. With plans to expand their services and increase the number of people using the facilities.

Keeping this in mind, it made sense to make the 2 open adjacent large spaces (previously living room and formal dining room) into multi-purpose rooms.

Identical extendable tables allow for any situation. their light weight makes them easy to rearrange.


This sunny nook was ideal for a café space. Whether it's a break between sessions, waiting for an appointment or catching up with friends.

Many youths drop into Yeddung Mura to grab drink & food. Now there's somewhere to hang-out There was previously no outdoor seating for smokers who are now accomodated.

This space can also be used for barista and food services training.


cooking & food heaLth

Yeddung Mura hope to offer living skills to clients & families. Like food safety, prep and cooking lessons including bush tucker. Meetings often revolve around food like Nannies morning tea and Elders gatherings.

Some activities require a space for dying and painting.

Some of the rooms will be used for visiting specialists and this space allows clients to be comfortable with access to beverages & reading materials.

This set-up also suits barista and food services training.

The table and chairs are the same as the meeting areas allowing for additional multi-purpose arrangement.


Private rooms are needed and two spaces were designed for this purpose.

One room for physical health such as visiting doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, substance dependency counselling like smoking. etc.

The second room is for mental health such as individual & family counselling, life coach, meditation, etc.

The sofa's fold down into futon beds for comfort, examination and resting.


There was a special request to find space for women. Previously the main bedroom, this large room was redesigned for luxury and comfort.

A special room for Nannies & Aunties, Elders Women Business, young women's support groups, Strong Aboriginal Women's group, Mother's Group, etc.

This room was also selected as it has an ensuite, now a dedicated female toilet/bathroom




This room serves to allow parents and older siblings to use Yeddung Mura services while children are entertained.

It's a friendly, safe space for child therapy & counselling.

This space serves as a parents room including a rocking nursing chair.

It's positioning is at the rear of the house so noise isn't an issue while other rooms are in use. It's across the hall from The Women's Room for quick access.

*All the spaces are designed to suit hiring out when not in use by Yeddung Mura, so as to generate income for their services.