Aboriginal Care Services

Global Community Initiative Includes Canberra Indigenous Organisation During NAIDOC Week



Yeddung Mura Community, clients and staff.

Colourful Communities is a PPG global program to improve spaces with colour with over 300 projects undertaken around the world. The refreshed, brightened community and care spaces have impacted the lives of close to 7 million people. Among the many recipients are; hospitals, schools, children’s homes, aged care, public spaces and zoo’s. To see all the amazing community transformations and find out more about the PPG Colourful Communities initiative visit their website at

Yeddung Mura Care Centre in Fadden Canberra is proudly the only Aboriginal Australian and Torres Strait Island PPG Colourful Community. Yeddung Mura (Good Pathways in Ngunnawal Country language) offer services, support plus activities to individuals, families and the broader Indigenous Community in the Capital. Yeddung Mura was established by Gilmore Indigenous Church to address Community concerns raised by local Elders.

Improvements to the 12 areas at the Care Centre means Yeddung Mura have; revitalised spaces to deliver services and programs, professional areas for further Community groups to access, and beautiful rooms to embrace & comfort vulnerable members of the Indigenous Community. To learn more about Yeddung Mura please visit

Beautiful Spaces, Better Living is the aphorism for Canberra based free community improvement organisation Scene. Founded by polymath designer Candice Addicoat, who believes fresh, inviting and inspirational community & living spaces lifts outlook, generating positivity and motivation.

Scene engaged PPG after being welcomed at Yeddung Mura to improve and redesign the facility. The staff described their current needs and future vision for their clients, families & the local Indigenous Community. PPG were immediately and eagerly on board to assist by providing all the paint & painting equipment for the project. Despite C19 lockdowns and restrictions the local Canberra community pulled together, despite intermittent delays, made the transformation happen in time for NAIDOC Week 2020. Scene hosted the Elders Morning Tea on site for the Community, contributors and other esteemed guests.

Major contributors for the centre’s décor include Ikea, Fantastic Furniture, The Green Shed, The Snow Foundation, Bunnings, Kmart with Suez helping with the tidy up. As well as many other smaller but equally valued contributions.

Scene would like to thank all the Yeddung Mura staff especially Chairperson Deanne Booth, Margaret Blackman CFO and Pastor Priestley Obed CEO. Also PPG for their overwhelming support and generosity from the Head Office team, also here on the ground at the local PPG paint trade centre in Fyshwick.

Thank you to all the big and small local businesses as well as the individual Canberrans donating items, materials and services. Scene would especially like to thank all the volunteers who gave their time and care to show their support to Yeddung Mura.

'It has been a privilege to deliver this project to Yeddung Mura and the Community they support. It’s also been reaffirming to see the Aussie Spirit is still alive and strong during unprecedented times. Love you Australia."
Candice Addicoat, SCENE founder 


Thank  You



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The living room was transformed into a large Meeting & Learning room. Extendable tables allow for many layouts and multiple purposes. When not in use, all rooms can be hired out, generating funding for services.

This mid-eighties brick feature looked dated with the white walls. The deep chocolate brown paint and the artwork picks up the dark and rich colours in the brickwork,

The dining room was made into a small Meeting & Learning room. Because the living and dining room are adjacent, the modular furniture can be rearranged to create an extra-large conference, training, seminar, event, ceremony room.

Original Aboriginal Australian Peoples and Torres Strait Islander artworks can be found in almost every room. Contemporary modern artificial plants add atmosphere, are long lasting and require no maintenance.


Aboriginal art by staff member Daniel.



This sunny, bright breakfast nook and outside patio create the perfect feel for a café. From Nannies morning tea, to staff break and young people hang after school. Great for barista and food services training.


cooking & food heaLth

The kitchen had dated colours and cabinetry making an uninspiring food prep space. 'Coffee Cream' paint on walls, kicks & handles tied the room together. Painting cornices is a design hack to heighten a space.

A few odds & ends to add interest to this recess and some fabric & string to disguise plastic pots

Decluttering and new colours opens up the space and makes the area feel bigger. Plenty of room for food health/cooking classes and barista/food services training. Also a great space for social, ceremonial and Community gatherings.

This space includes the same tables and chairs as in the Meeting & Learning rooms. Interchanging furniture allows the spaces to be arranged to suit any need; classes, meals & meetings, waiting room for appointments, etc


A few second-hand items enhance plain or vacant areas to create homeliness and warmth

Atmosphere setting items, $0-$1.

Junk art.


  Young artists - Keeny and Francis. 



Consultation room for visiting professionals such as dietitians & nutritionists, substance dependency therapy & advice, QUIT, physical & fitness referrals, etc


Warm, natural colours and textures


Consultation room is for counselling & therapy; cultural, mental health, couples/families, anger management, time management, life coach, etc.


Light, airy and welcoming


Sofa's in health rooms fold down to beds for visitors.




Earthy, breezy and calming.

Fresh, clear, cool.


Art and design in every room.


For Nannies, Aunties & Sisters. And special groups like Young Womens Empowerment, etc.


Rich, warm, comforting and adventurous. Thank you to The Snow Foundation for providing the luxurious sofas.


A space to allow parents and older siblings to use services and attend activities. A safe space for children's counselling. Also baby changing and nursing.


Bright, exciting, comforting and joyful.


Fantasy Garden - Special request by Chairperson Deanne Booth.


Background colour prepared by Teneaka and Lataya.


Some help from special friends. Alice with companions Aya and Steph.